Ph.D. Program for Biotechnology Industry

The goal of the biotechnology PhD curriculum is to combine translational biomedical industries, particularly the application of clinical research in the medical industry. The main goal is to build a coherent training framework so students can learn through basic research, medical engineering, clinical care, and related legal, regulatory, capital raising, industrial marketing, and other aspects. Certain companies from the biotech industry, as well as some patent drafting, R&D, and CRO companies will be invited to participate in course execution.

Educational goals:

    1. Effectively translate preclinical results into clinical industry applications
    2. Train interdisciplinary medical professionals
    3. Foster innovative biotechnology industry entrepreneurship talents needed by the medical and pharmaceutical fields
    4. Train biotechnology industry talents that can combine theory with practice

Core competencies:

    1. Enhance basic research, medical engineering, clinical knowledge and technology
2. Enhance the understanding of legal norms, ability to raise funds and industrial marketing
3. Have the ability to combine theory with practice
4. Have translational medicine capabilities